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Custom Dentures and Denture Repairs in New York, New York

Bob Smith DDS is a general dentist in New York, New York, that specializes in dentures. Dr Smith also provides general dentistry services including crowns and bridges.

Dr. Smith provides three different dentures and prices. The doctor takes a lot of time and patience when created dentures to make sure that you get a perfect fit.  Our office is well known for our denture work. We have had patients come to us from a far away as California and Florida.

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Custom Dentures
Our custom dentures require a bit of time to create to ensure they are made correctly and will fit you flawlessly. Custom dentures orders take approximately 2-and-a-half  weeks.

Immediate Dentures
Dr. Smith provides immediate dentures that are made from molds that he makes of your teeth in order to create a set of dentures. Four measurements and appointments are required in order to make your dentures. When the dentures are ready, that is when your teeth are pulled and your dentures are inserted.

Partials and Repairs
Our dental office provides partial dentures when needed. We also offer same day denture repairs for most dentures, depending on the severity of damage.

Dental Experience You Trust
With 30 years of dentistry, Dr. Smith knows what the heck his is doing. His dental knowledge allows him to see things that other dentists have missed and sometime a simpler approach is best. We invite you to visit our office, see Dr. Smith, and experience our friendly atmosphere.

Contact our office in New York, New York, for more about they types of dentures we provide to give you a new smile.