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Full Service Dental in New York, New York

Our dental office in New York, New York, offers dentures as well as you family complete generally dentistry care for ages 12 years old and up. Anything you need done from exams to extractions is taken care of in our office.

Dr. Smith's general dental practice provides complete dental services that include:

 • X-Rays
 • Fillings
 • Root Canals
 • Restorations
 • Implants
 • Bleaching
 • Pain-free Cleanings
 • Extractions

Crowns and Bridges
At Dr. Smith's office, we provide patients with gold crowns as well as bridges. Bridges consist of crowns and artificial teeth that fills the gap from a lost tooth or teeth. This procedure is designed to restore a person's smile. Those who have crooked smiles often prefer to have a bridge put in.

Affordable Dentistry
Our office works with everyone's budgetary constraints. We accept all dental insurance plans and we are contracted by some insurances. Our office is classified as a PPO.

About Dr. Elstun
Since 1960 our office has given individualized care to each and every patient. Many patients know us by name and we like it that way. Here, you are more than a patient to us. Dr. Smith's mission has been and will always be taking his clients out of pain as soon as possible. He believes that the client is of the utmost important and does
what is needed to help.

Contact our general dentistry practice in New York, New york, about our dentures
and other dental services that are designed to get you out of pain and make you smile.